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Police Taser 60-year-old man

February 19, 2014

WOONSOCKET – Police said they were forced to render a 60-year-old man into submission with multiple blasts from an electronic Taser after he engaged them in a lengthy fight Monday night.
Edwin Marion Warren of 153 Grand St. is facing a string of charges, including assaulting a police officer, two counts of resisting arrest, possession of an illegal knife and disorderly conduct.
Police found Warren passed out behind the wheel of his 2002 Tahoe about 9:36 p.m., after someone reported seeing him parked outside Savini’s Restaurant, 476 Rathbun St., with the engine running for a half hour.
Patrolman Jesse Nunnemacher reported that Warren was slow to come around even after he tapped his flashlight on the window several times. And when he did wake up, he was incapable or rolling down the window or opening his door. At one point, Nunnemacher said, Warren twisted the dial of the radio because “I believe he thought he was opening the door.”
After maneuvering himself from the vehicle, Warren was informed that police intended to call a rescue squad to take him to Landmark Medical Center for an toxicology evaluation.
Warren had already become verbally abusive by then, but when the rescue squad arrived the confrontation became physical, according to police. He began wrestling with Nunnemacher and Patrolman Enrique Sosa.
Nunnemacher said he repeatedly warned Warren to calm down and tried punching him in the thigh several times to get him to stop fighting. But he seemed to have “a very high tolerance for pain and almost had no response to my strikes,” he reported.
As the tussle continued, Nunnemacher fired a shot at Warren from his hand-held Taser gun, making a direct hit on his torso with a pair of hook-like prongs that deliver the voltage. Warren continued fighting, however, prompting the officer to deliver a second jolt of electricity to Warren via “drive stun,” another way of using a Taser without wire-guided projectiles.
Warren settled down briefly after the dual strikes, allowing police to get him in handcuffs and into a rescue squad. Before doing so, they seized a folding knife which had been clipped to his pants pocket. Police said the blade was over three inches long, making the weapon illegal to carry.
After arriving at Landmark Medical Center, police said Warren became unruly again and was restrained in a hospital bed equipped with strap-like devices to prevent him from moving his arms and legs.
A blood sample was taken from Warren at the hospital which registered an alcohol concentration of .19, or about twice the legal limit for driving. He wasn’t charged with that offense, however, because the Tahoe was parked when police found him.
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