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New evidence may revive 1982 murder case

March 30, 2014

WOONSOCKET — Lawyers for Raymond D. Tempest Sr. are asking a Superior Court judge to throw out his second-degree murder conviction in the grisly 1982 bludgeoning death of a young Providence Street woman, saying DNA from hair the victim was clutching in her hand came from someone other than Tempest and proves he wasn’t the assailant.

The newly discovered DNA evidence is part of a multi-pronged attack on Tempest’s conviction in the killing of Doreen C. Picard, a crime that spawned scores of headlines and captivated the attention of the city for years. In a 77-page legal brief filed several days ago, Tempest’s lawyers say the DNA evidence sinks the state’s theory of the case and proves the star witness was lying.

The legal papers also allege that state breached Tempest’s right to a fair trial by deliberately withholding evidence pointing toward his innocence; that police coached and coerced witnesses; that prosecutors knowingly permitted false testimony to be introduced during the trial; and that Tempest’s defense lawyer, the late William A. Dimitri Jr., failed to do a sufficiently thorough job of exposing the flaws in the state’s case or impeaching its witnesses.

Full story appears on page A1 of Monday's Call and Monday's Times.


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