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Church chef credits listening as the secret to her ‘loaves of love’

May 11, 2014

WOONSOCKET – Listening to bread dough might seem a little odd at first, but to hear longtime Woonsocket baker Emily Lisker describe the art of making bread, it starts to make sense when you consider yeast is a living organism.

“You have to listen to the dough and make sure it wakes up before using it,” says Lisker, who is standing over four trays of sourdough in the basement kitchen of All Saints Parish on Rathbun Street.

When it comes to sourdough, she says, it’s all about a long, slow rise and giving the lactobacillus time to create the sourdough taste. Lisker has been using the same sourdough starter since 2000.

Full story appears on page A1 of Sunday's Call.


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