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Mayor’s streetlight restoration program hits milestone

August 12, 2014

Mayor Lisa Baldelli Hunt displays the hardware associated with turning streetlights off and on in her office at City Hall Tuesday. (Photo by Russ Olivo)

WOONSOCKET – Never mind the Supermoon: If nighttime seems brighter than usual in your neighborhood lately, chances are it’s because all your street lights are on for the first time in nearly four years.
Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt says more than half the street lights that were dimmed by the previous administration in a money-saving move have been reactivated since late February.
“This is something I’ve really enjoyed doing because it makes people so happy,” said Baldelli-Hunt. “People want to feel safe in their neighborhoods. They want to go out at night. They want to take walks.”
For full story, see Wednesday's print edition of The Call.


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