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The sandwich saints

August 23, 2014

A pot simmers on the stove inside the kitchen of the two-story colonial when Brother Alan Aubin is summoned from his chair at the dinner table by the unusually shrill clang of an old-fashioned doorbell.

A slight man with a dollop of silvery hair lopped across his forehead, Aubin opens the back door and quietly acknowledges the visitor, handing the stocky man in blue jeans a couple of sandwiches and a canned drink. It’s a transaction that lasts just a few seconds from start to finish, and it takes place with few words, uttered in hushed tones.

Except for a dozen or so well-browned sticks of French bread jutting from a cardboard box on the floor, near the door, and another box filled with bagels, it’s easy to mistake this food-prep area at 159 Earle St., Woonsocket, for an ordinary kitchen. Sure, it may be that, but it’s also ground zero for the Sandwich Ministry, a low-profile mission of compassion that’s been feeding the poor and propping up the spirits of the destitute for a generation.

Full story appears on Page A1 of Sunday's Call.

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