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Stabbing suspect identified

January 27, 2011

WOONSOCKET — The alleged assailant in a stabbing that left a young woman in critical condition Tuesday night has been identified as Louis C. Callei, 23, of Woonsocket.
Callei was ordered held without bail at the Adult Correctional Institutions following his arraignment yesterday morning on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon in a dwelling house, possession of oxycodone and resisting arrest.
Police say Callei stabbed a 23-year-old woman repeatedly in the upper torso inside 837 Social St. about 6:30 p.m. They plucked him from the icy waters of the nearby Peters River as he was attempting to flee.
The motive for the stabbing is still a mystery, Detective Lt. Eugene Jalette, the department spokesman, said Wednesday. The victim, who remains a patient at Rhode Island Hospital, has given police a brief statement, and they plan on re-interviewing her, but Jalette said they aren't sure whether that's going to shed any more light on the motive.
“With the drugs on his person, there's speculation it might have been a drug deal, but we'd just be guessing at this point,” said Jalette. “We just don't know.”
Jalette said police found some two dozen pharmaceutical tablets in Callei's pockets after he was pulled from the river. Most of them were oxycodone tablets, a synthetic, heroin-like painkiller sold under a variety of brand names, including Endocet, Percocet and others. Callei was also holding two different kinds of prescription tranquilizers, said Jalette.
Jalette said both Callei and the victim were Woonsocket residents, but they did not live together, and neither of them lived in the apartment where the stabbing took place.
He said Callei and the victim were acquainted with each other, but the police are unsure whether she recognized him until after Callei allegedly initiated the attack. “He wasn't wearing a disguise,” said Jalette, but he was bundled in some heavy winter clothing that may have served to conceal his identify from the victim, at least for a few moments, said Jalette.
Callei has no record of prior arrest in Rhode Island. According to the judiciary's Web site, his arrest by the Woonsocket police marks his first and only contact with law enforcement in the state as an adult.
Officers were responding to a report of the stabbing when they found the victim on a first-floor hallway of 837 Social St., a large brick tenement next door to Krakow Deli. Two people were tending the victim, who was bleeding profusely from multiple stab wounds to the upper torso and chest area. Her condition has since been upgraded to fair, police said.
Police declined to say how many times the victim was stabbed or elaborate on the nature of the weapon, other than to say it was a knife. Jalette said police recovered the weapon.
Patrolmen Patrick McGourty, Kenneth Marcotte, Anthony Conetta and Gabriel Koneczny were singled out for their valiant efforts in apprehending Callei. The officers chased after the suspect and pulled him from the river moments after the crime was reported.
“It was a heck of a job on the part of those officers, that's what I see,” said Jalette.


turn it around

May 3, 2011 by youknowwho (not verified), 4 years 22 weeks ago
Comment: 366

For the person who wrote the first message...Obviously someone who knows Louie...Probably Joanne or someone close, put the shoe on the other foot. If someone else stormed into a place Louie was at and they stabbed him and ran, you would not being saying anything of this matter. You would be saying that person should get what he or she deserves. If Louie were stabbed and on his death bed. Come on. Not only that. He is suppose to be a grown man. How dare he put his hands on a woman! But then again it does run in the family so who is suprised. Good luck to you all and so sorry for that poor INNOCENT victim!

just saying..

March 14, 2011 by Hank123401 (not verified), 4 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 233

Although I do not condone the behavior that LOUIE displayed on that day, I feel as though there are some pieces of this story that are not being told. I am disgusted that this young woman had to endure such physical and mental torment. My prayers are with her as I am sure that she struggles daily to put this behind her and move on with her life. With that being said, LOUIE was caught with prescription medications on his person that were not his. Anyone that knows LOUIE knows that he was down on his luck and didn't have any money to buy drugs like that off the street, so where did these drugs come from? Another thing is that the victim said, under oath, that she never hit LOUIE. Where, then, did the over ten stitches on his face come from? The police involved said, under oath, that they struck only the back of him during their encounter. Was this a case of a random stabbing or was it a case of a drug dealer getting robbed by a drug user? I do believe that all of the truths will be revealed and that it will be proven that LOUIE did not go back to the apartment only to attack this woman. I also believe that EVERYONE who broke the law in this case WILL be brought to justice and THAT is how it should be.


April 22, 2011 by Steve15000 (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 327

THE PICTURE from above is after he was arrested wheres the stitches? Seems like a lie to me. He was caught running away from the house in a river in the middle of the winter, he was so cold he was treated for hypothermia. seems to me and the Woonsocket police that he stabbed a women 8 times on social street and was caught with the bloody knife in the middle of the river. ALL evidence turns to him. He even tried to fight the police off when they caught him it doesn't seem like an innocent man to me. The girl almost died how dare somebody try to justify this mans wrong doings He is in full control of his hands and body and he chose to do these horrible things. He also pretended he was the police to get the women to open the door. Louis was also under the influence of drugs says the hospital that night because there was a Toxicology Report ordered by the police and hospital.

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