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Election deadline looms

August 15, 2011

WOONSOCKET — If you're thinking about running for public office in this season's races for mayor, City Council and School Committee, now's the time to get off the fence.
In order to secure a spot on the ballot, candidates must file declaration papers at the offices of the Board of Canvassers Aug. 22-30. The office is located on the third floor of City Hall, 169 Main St.
A declaration is merely a preliminary reservation for a spot on the ballot, however. To keep the spot, would-be candidates must follow up by filing nomination papers with the Board of Canvassers Sept. 6-20. Nomination papers must be accompanied by the signatures of 100 properly registered voters in order to be valid.
Some individuals planning to run for office have already made public statements about their intentions, but those announcements carry no legal weight.
This year, the general election is scheduled for Nov. 8. The elections will fill 13 vacancies in city government for another two years, including the office of mayor, seven spots on the City Council and five on the School Committee.
Depending on how many candidates surface, there could be a primary on Oct. 11. A runoff would be triggered if more than two candidates run for mayor, more than 14 for council, or more than 10 for School Committee.
The clearest picture of how the races are shaping up is emerging on the City Council. Several first-time candidates have announced their intention to run, including Garrett Mancieri, a commercial real estate agent; Roland Michaud, a local businessman; and Zoning Board Chairman Robert Moreau.
At least one incumbent on the City Council has opted against a re-election bid. William Schneck made the announcement Monday night, saying he wants to spend more time with family. Except for a hiatus from 2005-2006, Schneck has served on the council since 2001.
Another incumbent, Dan Gendron, who is serving his first term on the council, has said he intends to seek another term.
Mayor Leo T. Fontaine, who is nearing the end of his first term, has announced that he will run for re-election. It's still unknown whether anyone plans to run against him.


You gotta file what?

August 29, 2011 by sinking fast (not verified), 4 years 5 weeks ago
Comment: 577

Nomination papers?I should be able to run just by declaring.What Nazi came up with that idea?

No wonder this country's a mess,only the most ambitious need apply,not the most civic minded.

Election Deadline.

August 21, 2011 by Jeffo46 (not verified), 4 years 6 weeks ago
Comment: 563

So Fontaine is running again. Whoop dee do! Just what the hell has he done while he was mayor? Put us more in the black! Now I hear that Queen Menard is thinking about making a comeback and running against Fontaine ? Given the choice,I'd have to go with Menard I'm sorry to say, even if she does have a arrogant attitude. At least she got things done when she was in office which is more than I can say for Leo. To her credit, during the winter, she made sure that the main sidewalks were shoveled, not unlike the mess that we had this past winter. She also didn't take any gruff from the City Council either which looking back now, I can respect. So if you're going to do it, go get em' Queenie! You got my vote in November!

Mr. Tax.

August 16, 2011 by sinking fast (not verified), 4 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 551

Glad to see Schneck's going,he was just a rubber stamp for the Mayor's office.His record-higher taxes,more fees and no room to breathe for people struggling to get by.His message-if you can't afford to live here,leave.

Goodbye Schneck,you won't be missed.

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