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Fire strikes Plaza Village apartments

November 9, 2011

WOONSOCKET -- Firefighters work to extinguish flames in the roof of a residential building at the Plaza Village apartments on Village Way Wednesday morning. The fire heavily damaged a two-story structure containing 24 units at the complex, which is located off Mendon Road. There were no reports of injuries, but residents were not expected to be able to return to their building in the wake of the blaze. See Thursday's edition of The Call for the complete story.


Some of you may have heard

November 12, 2011 by angellbabi82 (not verified), 3 years 41 weeks ago
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Some of you may have heard about the recent fire located at buildings 45 & 41 village road located in woonsocket. i am a resident in one of these buildings and i am now HOMELESS due to this fire, which "is NOT ferland's problem." to the residents understanding, these buildings were NOT hardwired to the fire department nor to each other. also, no sprinkler systems. ONLY the top floor fire alarms went off only because that is where the fire was located. the ONLY reason everyone made it out of the burning building, was because of a visitor banging on everyones front door screaming "fire!! everyone get out!!" (when the media states "amazingly there were no injuries or deaths reported" that is the reason why, NOT because of a well maintained building up to code, big relief huh!!??) we all ran out of the house expecting to go back home except for the severely damaged. currently to what we understand, there are 24 apartment, 28 adults and 32 children are currently out on the street. we are not being told much of anything aside from "it could be 2-3 months before we can go back home." i myself, have been into the damaged building on several occasions, only about 6 apartments are severely damaged, while some have little damgage and others almost no damage at all. so why are 24 families put onto the street?? ferland property management is state wide and have several available apartments and refuse to relocate any of us, whether it be just for the holidays or until we can go back home!!! an estimated 32 children have no place to go!! thanksgiving is right around the corner and christmas is coming quick, while all of ferland management are sitting in their warm homes, table full of food, christmas trees and families, we are NOT their problem..
we are not asking for a 5 star hotels, money or belongings reimbursement, we are only asking that the less damaged apartments mainly building 45 are fixed first to bring at least those 12 apartments back home. then ferland would only have to relocate 12 apartments, which seems reasonable for us tenants as well as ferland property.

the red cross put up about 2-4 families in hotels only for a couple of days, but what about the rest of us? we cant stay at the shelter for 2-3 months! we have been given some cash to start over, specifically i and a few others only recieved $115.00, which did help with things we couldnt get out of our houses to last us a few days, but what about after? my house being a family of 4, containing 3 children this money will not last.
we pay our rent, some of us are new residents and some are residents that have been there for nearly 15 years!! this is what we get?? we are not asking for much, we are all a family and will take care of each other through this horrible time, helping each other rebuild all we have lost. we are only asking that we have roofs over our heads!! many families in these buildings are low income while others pay market rent nearly $1000.00 per month.. it is not much but we do our best to maintain, look after each other and this is what we all call HOME!! i have spoken to many of these families, all of us agreeing, these buildings are not up to code in many ways..

we also have some questions we are not getting answers to..
why was 2 state funded buildings containing 12 apartments each NOT hardwired to the fire department?

why was it the smoke detectors only went off when the fire started and the ones that caught fire, but not the others throughout the building to warn the other residents?

why are 24 families homeless for the next 2-3 months because of an estimated 6 apartments severely damaged?

why is ferland property refusing to relocate us to other apartments or sites that are currently unoccupied?

if you are currently renting from FERLAND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, you may want to think about this, you could be next!!

i am one of the lucky ones that still has most of my belongings, however a few people, mainly kids have lost everything. i am now speaking for them, they could use childrens clothes, shoes, bunk beds, toys, books, dishes, any furniture donations. these people have lost EVERYTHING they own due to the water and fire damage and will be starting from scratch. any donations would be greatly appreciated beyond words, my best friend is one of these people and is a single mother of 3 children. she is one of the worst affected and i am looking to start some kind of donation drive for her and her children as well as the others most affected. please give these people and their children and decent holiday and a chance to start over. they did not deserve this, no one does.

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