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Brothers arrested on drug trafficking charges

January 4, 2012

WOONSOCKET – A man who holds a state permit to cultivate and dispense medical marijuana, and his brother, are facing drug trafficking charges after police seized a combined 108 marijuana plants from their home and motor vehicle – far more than the permit allows, police said.
Joseph and Ronald Proia, both of 30 Manila Ave., were ordered held without bail following their arraignment in District Court Tuesday.
Two other men who arrived during a raid of the Proia residence were also arrested, including one for possession of a small amount of marijuana.
Detective Lt. Eugene Jalette said the Proias were running a sophisticated indoor pot farm in the basement of 30 Manila Ave. Joseph Proia, 46, had a caregiver’s license that allows him to be in possession of a certain amount of marijuana for distribution under the state’s compassionate care laws.
“They were clearly over the limit,” said Jalette. “It’s another example of someone with a caregiver’s permit who decides to push the envelope.”
Police were tipped to the grow house by the owner of the tan, two-story colonial, who lives out of state and leases the property to the Proias, Jalette said. She happened to be in the area recently and became suspicious when she detected the smell of marijuana wafting from new aluminum vents that had been installed on the side of the house. Also, she told police some of the windows had been covered with black fabric or plastic from the inside.
In addition to conveying her suspicions to the authorities, the owner advised the Proias that she intended to inspect the house.
Shortly after noon on Friday, she arrived for the inspection to find several individuals loading black trash bags into a gray SUV parked outside the house.
The 2001 Jimmy, operated by Ronald Proia, 40, was stopped by police moments later on nearby Diamond Hill Road. Inside the vehicle, police found 22 freshly harvested marijuana plants stuffed in trash bags.
After obtaining a warrant to search the house, police knocked on the door of 30 Manila Ave. Joseph Proia answered.
“I won’t say it was the strongest odor of marijuana I’ve ever experienced, but it was very strong,” said Jalette. “When he opened the door, you could smell it outside.”
Police seized 86 more plants from the basement and garage of the house, in addition to grow lights, ventilation equipment, scales, timers, packaging materials and other paraphernalia, they said.
During the raid, police said Trevor Goulette, 40, of Woonsocket, arrived at the front door. When he saw police inside the house, Goulette allegedly tried to run away. Police later charged him with obstructing and possession of a knife with a blade longer than permitted by law, both misdemeanors.
A fourth man, Nathan Saillant, 19, also of Woonsocket, pulled into the driveway in a black SUV while police were searching the premises. When they asked Sailliant for identification, he directed them to the vehicle, where police allegedly found not just his ID, but a shopping bag containing approximately an ounce of marijuana.
The Proias were charged with one count each of cultivating marijuana with the intent to deliver and possession of more than 5 kilos of the drug, both felonies. A District Court judge ordered the brothers held without bail at the Adult Correctional Institutions pending a review hearing Jan. 13.
Goulette and Saillant were both released on personal recognizance pending further court action hours after they were arrested, according to reports.
Under the compassionate care law, regulated by the Department of Health, the state allows the holder of a valid caregiver’s license to be in possession of as many as 24 mature plants, a dozen seedlings and 2.5 ounces of bagged marijuana, according to Jalette.
Federal agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Woonsocket police vice unit, detectives and uniformed officers were among those who took part in the raid, including Detective Sgt. Tom Calouro, Detective Sgt. Phil Kamer and Patrolman Jamie Martin.


this is a total joke of all

February 22, 2012 by johnybravo (not verified), 3 years 22 weeks ago
Comment: 905

this is a total joke of all jokes there were six crusers at there home they really only got 44 plants and the rest were old roots of plants from past harvest and the boys were legal for 48 plants how are they gonna prove this when the boys have the liecese for the plants when you look at a tree and its cut down and there is just a stump you would never say look at that tree rite no thats what is left over just a cut off root and there gonna use that a evidance 50 old root balls hahhah. the police are gonna have to fabicate somehow to prove there case I know iv been to the house on 3 occasions and saw with my own eyes see im one of there pateints and i have cronic pain and because of the police in woonsocket i havent been able to get my meds now for a month and a half

Stop Wasting Resources on Marijuana

January 5, 2012 by horbar (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 809

With all the dangerous drugs in the city, the police waste their time with pot. Meanwhile, crack and heroin are over-running the poor sections of the community and ruining lives. Leave pot alone. It is less harmful than alcohol, especially if vaporized.

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