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City couple tries to get gas turned back on

November 11, 2012

WOONSOCKET — Kevin and Jayne Donnell won’t dispute they have had trouble paying their utility bills or that their outstanding balances with NationalGrid are significant.
But the city couple also doesn’t believe they should be without heat now that the cold weather has arrived.
Kevin Donnell is unemployed and looking for work as a van driver and his wife has health issues that have left her disabled and on Social Security.
Last week’s change to below freezing weather prompted Jayne Donnell, a diabetic on insulin, piling on the extra covers on her sofa bed and her husband walking around their second floor Social Street apartment wearing a winter hat and gloves.
“The other day it was really cold at night, really cold,” Donnell said. Friday was a little better with the sunshine coming through the windows helping to drive off the chill but Donnell said she expected it to be cold again Friday night.
“We just try to stay warm as much as we can,” she said.
Kevin Donnell said he and his wife’s utility problems date back to NationalGrid accounts they had for their previous residences that were never properly transferred to their new homes when they moved.
The couple came to Woonsocket from nearby Massachusetts in 1996 and had lived in an East School Street apartment for ten years before moving to apartments on Chester Street and then Rathbun Street.

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