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The Lion Roars

August 27, 2013

It was a beautiful evening in Monument Square Tuesday as another 'monument' begins to take shape with the ace crew of Al Beauparlant, Steve Casey, Jim Carey and Mike Dubois hoisting a 300 lb. tub into position some 68 feet above the streets near the Stadium Theatre. After that monstrosity was in place,which will hold some 1200 lbs. of water this Thursday, colorful flags were added high atop the scaffolding. But as the clear blue sky turned to night, a huge banner bearing a roaring lion was unfurled before a small crowd of onlookers. The lion, a creation of artist Ron Deziel, is none other than 'Leo the Lion', coming to life as a representation of the resurgence of the City itself, spurred to life after a long sleep, said Al Beauparlant. The City of Woonsocket will surely be full of life as the Block Party takes place this Thursday from 4:00-8:00 p.m. The place to be will be right under this fabulous Arch of Triumph, complete with cascading waterfall.

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