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A big "Deal": Ann & Hope site to serve as stage for new game show

September 28, 2013

CUMBERLAND — There is a new addition to the businesses in the Ann & Hope Building at 1 Ann & Hope Way, one that will require some talented individuals adept at running a game show.

The “Greatest Deals on Earth Show” is already being put together by the new Studio 300 entertainment services company Ed Migley founded for the Big Flea Superstore occupying the former Ann & Hope department store space in the former mill.

“As you can see, we are building a studio for the Superstore that will be the first of its kind,” Migley said of the work now under way in a section of the flea market space.

Studio 300 has already held a casting call for the show that drew 250 applicants, Migley said. That number will be reduced to about 70 for a final casting call that will include auditions. The final selection will pick four performers to serve as the talent of the show and four others for understudies, according to Migley.

The show itself will be a live takeoff on a mix of game shows and even have three curtained doors that the emcees will go to and unveil special prizes, Migley said.

“It is a cross of about five to six game shows and it is going to be neat and it is going to be a lot of fun,” he said. The idea of the show is along the lines of the old television auction programs of the 1960s and will be used to help hold special sales for the large volume of discount discontinued electronics and televisions the Superstore liquidates for national distributors. There will also be chances for local talent to perform, and kids’ dance groups to get on the stage, he explained.

“It’s like we are bringing Broadway to Cumberland and it’s going to be just like the Ed Sullivan show,” he said.

Bill Tordoff of Pinnacle Deals is a co-producer of the show, and Joseph Pakuris, owner of the Superstore, is executive producer, Migley said.

The talent for the show will have to have some performing skills and also be able to improvise as the show moves along and involves the audience sitting in front of the new studio’s production stage.

“It will be a 45-minute show, and during that time big-screen televisions, children’s bicycles and women’s jewelry will be auctioned and then sold for half the price,” he said. “The idea is to make the audience feel like they are participating in a game show,” Migley said.

Migley got his own experience in show business managing the popular clown Emmett Kelly Jr. in the 1970s, and also producing Kelly’s circus that toured the country.

The new program is another opportunity to develop something that could get national attention, he said.

“This could get us accolades down the line,” he said.

Ultimately, Migley would like to see a reality television company pick up the show and take it to the next level.

Migley also has other ideas for Studio 300 in producing local community programs and will be exploring those options once the Greatest Deals on Earth show is up and running.

The program will be another addition to a flea market that now has 250 vendors filling 58,000 square feet of the old Ann & Hope store space. The flea market is open on Saturday and Sunday and draws large crowds of customers looking for good deals on products like electronics and televisions, antiques and curiosities, and also a wide variety of store goods offered by vendors who might otherwise lease a storefront for their operations, according to Migley.

“We’re liquidators and discounters, we are a destination and a show place, and we are also transitioning from the flea market model to a more traditional store setup,” he said.

“We sell more televisions on a weekend than Best Buy because of the price,” he said.

The crowd is also encouraged to shop at the Superstore because of the many giveaways and specials that are announced throughout the day.

“Coming to our place is like going to Crazy Eddie’s in New York in the 1970s, he said.

That will be even more apparent when the new show begins in early November, he said.

“Whatever we do, we are going to do it with a theatrical twist,” he said.

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