BELLINGHAM – Bellingham is reporting 23 positive cases of the new coronavirus as of Wednesday.

Town officials say 10 of those cases have recovered, leaving 13 active cases and a total of 129 people tested.

“It's in our town and it's in our community,” Town Administrator Denis C. Fraine said at the town's daily emergency management meeting on Wednesday. “That's why we can't emphasis enough the critical need to social distance and stay home.”

The town reported nine new cases since Friday, April 3, including seven just over the past weekend.

On April 3, Bellingham had 14 positive cases. The number of cases jumped to a total of 19 on April 5; 21 on April 6, and 23 as of yesterday.

“We're seeing cases increase in Bellingham just like we're seeing elsewhere in the state and throughout the country,” Fraine said.

“We're climbing towards the top of the curve, but we haven't reached it yet so we're seeing new cases almost daily,” said Health Agent Bruce Wilson, Jr. “The social distancing and stay-home advisories are key and we need people to maintain separation.”

Bellingham Public Health Nurse Esther Martone says she expects the recovery rate will go up, noting that 80 percent of those infected spontaneously recover without any medical intervention.

Martone is also monitoring roughly 35 trace contacts for possible symptoms to determine whether those persons will require testing for COVID-19.

Other neighboring towns in Massachusetts are seeing new cases as well.

As of Tuesday, there were 12 confirmed cases in Uxbridge, and Blackstone confirmed 11 laboratory reported cases of COVID-19 last week, with three of the eleven cleared.

On March 27, the Millville Board of Health were notified of a laboratory confirmed case.

And there was still only one case in Franklin as of this week.

Worcester County, which includes Blackstone, Millville and Uxbridge, had a total of 1,172 confirmed cases as of Wednesday.

Norfolk County, which includes Bellingham and Franklin, had 1,592 confirmed cases.

Statewide across Massachusetts as of yesterday, there were a total 1,365 new cases for a total of 15,202 cases. There were 96 new deaths reported yesterday for a total of 356.

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