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From left, Ciro’s owners Gina Savini and Jill Moylan received the annual Heart of Hearts Award from Wayne Demers, outgoing president of the charitable organization Hearts with Hope, during the group’s annual meeting recently.  Not pictured is Moylan’s husband, Matthew, also a named recipient of the honor.

WOONSOCKET – The nonprofit charitable organization Hearts with Hope Inc. held its annual meeting at Ciro’s Tavern on Feb. 6, electing board members and recognizing the recipients of the organization’s top award.

The “Heart of Hearts Award” went to the owners of Ciro’s – Gina Savini, and Jill and husband Matthew Moylan, according to Wayne Demers, outgoing HWH president.

“Hearts with Hope Inc. was founded with the idea that a few people could band together to make a difference in someone’s life, that together the love of many could bring hope to Woonsocket High School alumni in need,” Demers said. “Although it is a simple concept, to bring hope to others with love and support, it takes more than ideas, planning, leadership, and execution. It takes commitment, tenacity, empathy, tears, sacrifice, selflessness, and a heart full of love. Although many give of themselves and work tirelessly for this organization, there are those who rise to the challenge for the benefit of others again and again.”

Newly elected officers for 2019 are Renee Rioux, president; Stacy Beane, vice president; Katherine Heroux; secretary, and Amy Sanborn, treasurer. Board Members are Mike Heroux, Arthur Fluette, Wendy Medina, and newly elected HarLee Archer and Alexia Heroux. Demers will be shifting over to the board of directors for a year.

Hearts with Hope Inc. is a city-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping WHS alumni in times of need due to any sort of life-altering challenge. The organization traces its roots to 2010, when a group of WHS graduates organized fundraising efforts for fellow classmates in financial need due to a struggle with cancer. The founding members were subsequently overwhelmed by community support for their efforts, from Novans and non-Novans alike, according to Demers.

“After two years of “Villa Novans take care of their own” efforts, clearly there was an ongoing need and it was decided to formally organize,” he said. “In February 2012, Hearts with Hope was officially formed and recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.”

Since the inception of Hearts with Hope, Ciro’s Tavern has played a major role in supporting the organization in all its efforts – the reason for the owners’ recognition with the Heart of Hearts Award, according to Demers.

Hearts with Hope is grateful for all the support it receives from individuals and businesses, Demers said, and its members look forward to partnering with others in the months ahead.

Since 2012, Hearts with Hope has brainstormed a medley of small events to fill its coffers, including the Battle of the Classes (on tap again later this month), community yard sales and Halloween-time “trunk or treats” – among others.

HWH is always seeking new volunteers as the need to fundraising has increased due to a corresponding demand for assistance. All new members are welcomed. If you are interested in becoming a member, initial dues are $10 and renewal is $5. There is also a lifetime membership option for $75, all dues or any donation can be mailed to Hearts with Hope, PO Box 365, Woonsocket RI 02895.

For more information, contact Demers wdemers@hotmail.com.

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