Dorothy and Bradley Steere, of Chepachet, look over a letter he wrote and sent 35 years ago to a client in Pawtucket. That letter was recently returned to him unopened from Baltimore. (Ernest A. Brown/The Call)

GLOCESTER — Call it a case of postal déjà vu.

Glocester attorney Bradley L. Steere and his wife, Dorothy, were getting ready to leave his office on Putnam Pike for lunch one day recently when the postman arrived with the day’s mail.

After sifting through the stack of envelopes, one particular envelop stood out.

It was sent first-class and addressed to Bradley Steere with a postmark from a post office in Baltimore, Md. Attached was a form letter from the U.S. Postal Service apologizing for the “damage to your mail during handling.”

Curious, Steere opened it.

What he found inside left him dumbfounded. It was an unopened, undelivered letter Steere had mailed to a client on Feb. 1, 1980. For some reason, the letter never made it to its recipient in Pawtucket and was returned to sender — 35 years later.

“I guess it proves the old saying ‘the mail must go through,’” says Steere, who is still scratching his head over the postal mystery.

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